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What is C&I Battery Storage Systems?

Commercial and industrial energy storage is an energy management solution for businesses and industrial users. By using highly efficient energy storage technologies, such as battery storage systems or ultracapacitors, commercial and industrial users can flexibly regulate their electricity consumption during fluctuations in energy supply and demand, optimizing energy consumption and reducing power costs.

Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage System Configuration

Industrial and commercial energy storage is mainly built in an integrated manner, using integrated cabinets. Industrial and commercial energy storage has lower system control requirements than energy storage power stations, and some PCS products also have BMS functions. In terms of EMS, industrial and commercial energy storage only needs to set charging and discharging times to complete energy management, and its functional requirements are lower than those of energy storage power stations.


Commercial Power Station Energy Storage Application

Commercial power station energy storage systems are commonly found in large shopping malls, hospitals, company office buildings, and scientific research centers that have strict requirements on power quality and supply reliability.


Industrial Battery Energy Storage Applications

Industrial battery energy storage systems are commonly used in manufacturing plants, construction sites, distribution centers, and other industrial scenarios that use large amounts of electricity and need to maintain a constant supply of power to support uninterrupted production.

H098-250KWh Industrial Energy Storage System - SHIELDEN

Container Energy Storage

Industrial and Commercial Container Energy Storage

Container energy storage systems are suitable for situations where rapid deployment of energy storage is required, such as temporary facilities, remote areas, disaster recovery sites, or as an auxiliary system for the power grid to balance supply and demand.

Why Choose Industrial and Commercial Battery Energy Storage?

Industrial and commercial users configure battery storage can meet their own internal power needs, using peak and valley tariff arbitrage to reduce operating costs, energy storage can also be used as a backup power supply to cope with sudden power outages; if configured with photovoltaic solar energy, solar power can also be realized to maximize the self-generated self-consumption, and effectively enhance the rate of consumption of clean energy.

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