All in One Energy Storage System

Our energy storage systems feature an all-in-one design that integrates advanced battery technology, an intelligent control system and a highly efficient solar energy converter. This means you can easily install, use and maintain them without cumbersome configuration.

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Introduction of All-in-one Energy Storage System Solution (solar + energy storage system + EV charging)

The all-in-one energy storage system has always been a popular combination in the new energy industry. The integrated solution of solar energy + energy storage system + EV charging achieves a basic balance between local energy production and energy load through energy storage and optimal allocation.

It can operate independently with "self-generation and self-consumption, surplus power storage", which alleviates the impact of charging pile power consumption on the power grid; in terms of energy consumption, using the energy storage system to charge the power battery and utilizing the peak and valley tariffs improves the efficiency of energy conversion and reduces the cost of power consumption; and utilizing the battery storage system to absorb the low-grain power and to support the fast-charging load in the peak period; At the same time to supplement the photovoltaic power generation system, effectively reduce the peak period of the charging station grid load, improve the operational efficiency of the system at the same time, for the grid to provide auxiliary service function.

Solar photovoltaic system

Solar Energy Generation

Photovoltaic System

The integrated photovoltaic storage and charging station is constructed under limited land resources, using nearby roof photovoltaic and parking lot canopy photovoltaic. Multiple photovoltaic modules are converged to a photovoltaic DC convergence box, connected to the grid via a photovoltaic inverter, and off-grid photovoltaic power generation system, off-grid photovoltaic power generation system effectively solves the solar photovoltaic module power generation, discharging, power supply, and the transformation of energy in the transmission process, to ensure that the power generation of the entire system is reliable, efficient and safe, so that the power station power generation to be able to operate stably.

energy storage device

Battery energy storage

Energy Storage System

The energy storage system is equipped with a battery warehouse and an equipment warehouse. The battery system consists of battery modules and clusters with a single cell as the smallest unit, and the battery capacity is configured according to the actual needs of the site; and the equipment warehouse houses the energy storage converter (PCS), AC distribution cabinet, DC distribution cabinet, fire protection system, and EMS & kinetic loop monitoring cabinet, and so on. The energy storage system is connected to the AC BUS to improve the energy utilization efficiency and balance the production and supply of the power system.

EV charging

EV Charging

Charging Pile

The charging pile interacts with the user by scanning the charging code, and the charging pile system includes intelligent monitoring and intelligent metering. The charging pile intelligent controller has measurement, control and protection functions for the charging pile, such as operation state detection, fault state detection and linkage control of charging and discharging process; the AC output is equipped with AC intelligent energy meter for AC charging measurement, and has perfect communication function, which can upload the measurement information to the charging intelligent controller and network operation platform through RS485 respectively. In addition, the charging power can be adjusted, the input and output over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection, leakage protection, ground detection, over-temperature protection and other protection functions are complete, with IP54 protection level.

Advantages of All in One Solar Power System

Wide Range of Functions

The system integrates PCS mode, self-generation and self-consumption mode, peak power compensation mode and other working modes; modular system design improves the diversity of PV, battery packs and loads; it can accept grid scheduling and includes communication modes such as RS485, CAN, etc.; it has the functions of low-voltage ride-through and reactive power compensation;

Green and Efficient

With MPPT photovoltaic maximum power tracking function to ensure greater utilization of solar energy; three-level control technology to improve efficiency and power quality; photovoltaic can directly charge the battery to improve system efficiency;

Safe and Reliable

Adopting AC and DC dual input redundant power supply to ensure the stable operation of the control power supply; 100% unbalanced load capacity during off-grid operation; 105% of rated output power can run for a long time; off-grid inverter function, forming a micro-grid system to ensure uninterrupted power supply;

All In One Storage FAQ

How does an integrated energy storage system work?

All-in-one off-grid solar storage systems utilize electricity generated from solar panels or other renewable energy sources for charging. Our all-in-one energy storage systems integrate home solar batteries, storing energy that can be utilized during peak demand, power outages, and other scenarios where additional power is needed.

What are the benefits of an all-in-one off-grid solar energy storage system?

Integrated off-grid solar battery storage systems offer multiple benefits, including ease of installation, lower equipment costs, and reduced installation time. In addition, these integrated storage off-grid solar systems reduce the overall installation footprint and simplify maintenance.

Are all-in-one power storage systems suitable for homes or businesses?

Yes, an integrated off-grid solar storage system can be used for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. This integrated energy storage system can be customized to meet the energy needs of homes and businesses, providing a solution to the need for reliable backup power during power outages and peak demand.

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