Channel Strut Fittings

Channel Strut Fittings
Channel strut fittings, also known as channel fittings or strut accessories, are components used in conjunction with channel struts to create versatile and customizable support systems for various applications in construction, engineering, and industrial settings. Channel struts are metal framing systems that consist of a series of C-shaped channels or U-shaped channels that are used to support, secure, and organize pipes, conduits, cables, and other types of equipment or structural elements.

Channel strut fittings are designed to be compatible with channel struts and are used to create connections, join multiple sections of strut together, and attach various items to the strut system. These fittings provide flexibility and adaptability to the overall support structure, allowing for adjustments and modifications as needed. Some common types of channel strut fittings include:

Strut Channel Nuts: These nuts are inserted into the channel strut and can slide along the length of the strut. They are used to secure other fittings or items to the strut system by tightening them against the sides of the channel.

Strut Channel Brackets: Brackets are used to connect the channel strut to walls, ceilings, or floors. They provide stability and support to the entire system and come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different installation requirements.

Joiners and Splice Plates: These fittings are used to connect two lengths of channel struts together to create longer sections. They are particularly useful when creating larger support structures or when extending existing installations.

Angle and Wing Fittings: Angle fittings are used to create corners or joints within the strut system. They allow the strut to be positioned at different angles for more complex support configurations. Wing fittings provide extra stability and support at right angles.

Pipe and Conduit Clamps: These clamps attach to the channel strut to secure pipes, conduits, and tubes. They come in various sizes to accommodate different pipe diameters and are often used for plumbing and electrical installations.

Beam Clamps: Beam clamps are used to attach channel struts to overhead beams, providing a secure connection for the strut system.

Cantilever Arms: Cantilever arms extend from the channel strut to support items that need to be suspended or hung, such as light fixtures or HVAC equipment.

Flat Plate Fittings: These flat plates can be used to attach various items to the channel strut system, providing a stable mounting point.

Threaded Rods and Studs: These components are used to attach items to the strut system and can be adjusted for height or length.

Channel strut fittings are typically made from materials like steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, depending on the application's requirements. They are an essential part of creating versatile and durable support structures for various industrial and construction projects.
Top Strut Channel Manufacturers in the Industry

Top Strut Channel Manufacturers in the Industry

Strut Channel Accessories

Strut Channel Accessories

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